What Features Should I Look For With a Web Hosting Plan?

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1649638-web-hosting.jpgMany people want to start their own web site.  The first part of the process is registering you own domain name.  Then you need to chose a web hosting plan to host the files that control the display of the site itself.  However, someone who has never bought hosting before probably wonders, “What are the main features I should look for with a web hosting plan?” I will address some common considerations here.

First of all, you need to know how many domains or email addresses you are going to need.  You might be planning on one site, or several sites.  Different plans have different limitations, so make sure that the plan you select matches your long term goals.  Also be mindful of any bandwidth limitations.  If your site is going to be getting a lot of traffic or streaming video, you need to make sure you do not run up against any bandwidth caps.

If you are an inexperienced web master, you are going to look for a plan with CPanel and Fantastico.  CPanel is an easy to use program for managing your server, while Fantastico will automatically install a variety of software such as the WordPress or Joomla content management systems most people use for blogs.  If you are more experienced you, can select a plan with Plesk, a private label control panel, or one of the open source control panels.  The plans with the latter two can be substantially less expensive because Plesk and CPanel licenses are very pricey.

There are several different types of hosting accounts.  Shared accounts are essentially static accounts on one directory of a systems server.  The server is shared with many different people.  These are fine for most people’s websites.  Reseller accounts are designed to allow the user to control multiple shared accounts that they can use themselves or rent out to other people.

web hostingHowever, if your site is going to be running a substantial amount of Javascript intensive applications, you will probably want to get a Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting.  With this plan you are still sharing a server, but with fewer numbers of people as you have full control of a virtual operating system.  It is like having your own private server with just more restricted resources.  If you need some serious processing power, you can even get a dedicated server hosting, where you control the entire server; however, these tend to be quite expensive as you are solely responsible for all the overhead, including the CPanel or Plesk license.

There are a variety of hosting plans available. Make sure you pick the plan best suited for your needs by carefully going over the factors mentioned above, and choose a good hosting review site to check them out further..

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